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SEM - Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is a trendy online marketing methodology through which publicity for the products and services are made via paid visibility attempts on the popular search engines. Organizations usually harvest maximum lead and conversion with this kind of method. SEM can be divided into two categories. Organic and paid- Organic SEM is the natural way to earn website traffic through SEO’s where as in paid SEM we will use different search engines as a medium for adverts.

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How SEM works?

Search Engine Marketing is the most common advertising strategy adopted nowadays. Forecasting on the place where the customers are more likely to be found and also making the website occupied with the possible keywords will set success rate of SEM.

By formulating perfect content with keywords and phrases that your customers may search on web to find products or services is the best way to excel with organic SEM. Whenever a customer searches any word of their choice, if you were successful in predicting that attempt with SEO’s your website will head in the search results. SEO videos, social media, online review sites etc. are other organic mode of SEM.

With different forms of paid advertisements through several online media, website traffic will increase.  Successful paid advertisement happens when you find out the potential target customers. Placing the advertisement where your customers are likely to spend more time online makes your strategy positive.

Key benefits of SEO

Generate quality traffic.
Increases leads.
Does not involve any paid advertising.
Helps to create trust, value and credibility to the firm.
Long term marketing strategy.
Attract maximum customers with information.
Increases brand awareness and equity.
It influence the purchasing decision of customers.
It improves marketing return on investments.

Online Marketing Agency Istanbul

TekTurkey support our every client on choosing from the best search engine marketing. From the available search engine markets in Istanbul, our expert team will find the most reliable and affordable search engine adverts suitable to your organization.

Google ads – Search advertising- TekTurkey is a Google ads certified agency which will help you to set up Pay per click advertising services in Istanbul. Google ads, is the most popular online advertising platform. This will place online advertisements in all the websites that will pop up with any search results. Digital marketers will frame catchy and short advertisement pieces about their products and services. We help to establish your advertisements on first tier search engines.

Google Display Network – Google advertising is mostly accepted for online marketing. TekTurkey is the leading Google GDN Advertising agency to place advertisements on huge networks of websites across the internet. We help you to set up the adverts that will generate maximum leads and ROI. We are the best PPC management company in Turkey, who will ensure the listing of your website at top of each search queries.

Remarketing – Numerous customers walk in and leave through the websites. Remarketing is the strategy adopted to market the organizational offerings in front of such customers, so that a just walk-in customer will convert to a potential one! This is one of the most intelligent ways to connect with customers, who may have not made a search on it. Exposing ads to the potential customers always make us the best retargeting ads agency.

YouTube Advertising – TekTurkey is a competitive YouTube marketing company in Istanbul to promote your advertisement video across the social networks. Our expert marketing specialists will craft the catchiest YouTube ads that will hit on the right pool of customers.

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Programmatic ads – Use of software to buy digital advertisements are considered as the programmatic ads. TekTurkey serve you with minimal manual inhuman errors during digital advertisements. Programmatic ad services in Turkey has got wide acceptance, as there is wide chance of publicity and minimal errors.

Google AdSense – Google AdSense service will place advertising text, video or image in various websites and money can be earned whenever the visitors click on it. Expert marketers of TekTurkey extend professional service on Google AdSense which will boost the organization.

Ad Mob – TekTurkey provides the most proficient and powerful mobile advertisement services to our clients. Our commitment and dedication in designing the mobile ads have made us a good impact among the digital marketing companies in Turkey.

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We can discuss your requirements and offer you packages that best fits your own needs.

SEM marketing strategy is focused on improving the visibility of website through organic and paid advertisements. The process of gaining website traffic by purchasing ads on search engine has become more popular in this digital era. The promotion of website through paid advertisement will create more publicity and there by the company will get more exposure in online market space. 

Benefits of Search Engine Marketing

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) helps organizations reach the right customers at the right place. It is a cost effective online marketing strategy. As it is a measurable strategy, changes can be made based on real-time tracked results. It creates brand awareness but it is more effective in getting leads. Search Engine Marketing increases marketing ROI.


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