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We are a custom WordPress Web Design Agency in Istanbul. Affordable and amazing website design services offering unmatched customer service and 20+ years of experience. We provide all website-related services including Hosting and Maintenance. Website development includes platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, Magento, custom PHP, and more.

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In 2022 the top websites designed, or enquired for, by customers were the following;

“This information was compiled from a collection of data sources including CRM, Analytics and direct customer enquiries from web design company.”

Please read through if you want to know which type of website is best for you.

Regular Websites

Regular websites, (also known as Profile or Services Websites) are the type of websites that you would expect a service business to have. These are the typical websites which include a homepage, and then multiple pages for each service that the company might offer. Other regular pages are also usually covered in these types of websites.

The following are standard pages that must be part of your project and you should not be charged for them mid-project:
Specific features such as contact forms, CTA (Call to Action) and integration to contact channels such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Chat platform are also usually part of such projects.

One Pager Websites

These are the type of websites which has only 1 page. It comes with all the standard features such as Main menu, contact forms and services section etc. The only difference is that, unlike the current website you are viewing, in One Pager websites you do not navigate to different pages.

When you click on any main menu button in a regular website, it usually will take you to a whole new page. In One Pager websites however, upon clicking a main menu button, the page will scroll down and direct you to the relevant section. This is perhaps the only difference between One Pager Websites and Regular Websites.

This type of website is usually used for businesses who like to have a simple, brochure type of website which serves as an online profile for their business.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are used solely as part of marketing resources. These are the simplest looking website pages, but they might be filled with technical features to track user activity and ensure ad effectiveness.

Landing pages are one of the common types used by Website Design Istanbul. The two main purpose of landing pages are to track how effective the ads have been and to effectively convert visitors to leads. This is done by making it easier for website visitors to contact the business or fill out a form.

It is usually not advised for business owners to setup landing pages by themselves. This is because without all the backend technical features, the page might be rendered useless.

eCommerce Websites

We have seen an enormous increase in eCommerce website enquiries recently. As more businesses choose to reach their customers online, they tend to enquire about eCommerce solutions first before thinking further ahead about marketing. This is perhaps because the basic understanding of general public is that eCommerce is their best chances of selling their products online.

So what are eCommerce websites?

Websites where you can sell your products or services and receive a payment in return are called eCommerce Websites. These websites usually include online payment options. However, do not be tricked by thinking only the websites where you can make a payment are called eCommerce websites. As long as the website have the checkout page or Cart feature, whether it is for products, services or even appointments, it is considered an eCommerce website. If you are wondering what is a Checkout Feature in a website, this is generally that basket icon you see on top of a website which shows what items you have selected for a purchase. Here is a screenshot of a Checkout Feature in an eCommerce Website.

Multi-Vendor Websites

Multi-vendor websites, also known as Multivendor Marketplace, are eCommerce websites where multiple sellers can sell their product. In this case, multiple sellers do not mean multiple admins, rather they are individual vendors, sellers and suppliers who might want to sell their products on the website.

Multivendor websites are usually used for selling products from multiple suppliers, where suppliers can directly upload and manage their products and sales.