Payment And Delivery

Service Agreement and Payment terms

Service Agreement

Default Service Agreement applicable for all online website and marketing purchases

About Our Terms of Sale

The following terms govern purchases made online by any person (including consumers) on the (“TekTurkey”, “we”, “us”, “our”) website, available. Please review these terms and any other applicable terms and conditions very carefully before making any purchase on the website. If you do not agree to any of the content, please do not proceed with the purchase. By making a payment to this website, you automatically agree to all our terms, conditions and policies mentioned henceforth on

Ordering Process

When you place an order, you agree to the terms of the project mentioned on, and any terms that apply to the specific product page which you intend to purchase. Payments are made under your own disclosure.

Prices and Currency

The prices mentioned in the website are default and the total amount always includes local taxes. The currency that you pay in depends on your card provider and not us. We deduct the amount as shown in the currency provided in the check-out page. The actual amount and currency deducted from your card is out of our scope of coverage.

Payment Method

You may pay for your purchase using a Visa, MasterCard or any supported card accepted as mentioned in our website. You automatically authorize to receive your payment once you submit your bank card information to our website.

Availability and Descriptions

The purchase availability depends on the nature of the project and is subject to the timeline provided in the product page. You will get a notice of TekTurkey or Rastin Grup in your bank statement once a purchase is made. If you do not recognize a payment from us, please get in touch so we can identify your past payments and receivables.

Quantity Limits and Items for Resale

Every customer is subject to 1 purchase at each given time. Any subsequent purchase without prior notice will be considered duplicate, the order will be cancelled and the payments refunded. The processing charges of 100tl will be deducted for duplicate amounts.

Limitation of Liability is only liable for the actual work undertaken by it’s team. TekTurkey will not be held responsible under any circumstances for third-party faults, payments, shortages or outage. TekTurkey provides and suggests third-party plugins, widgets, software and integrations based on it’s experience and without any liability for any damage or harmed caused by those third-parties.

Governing Law

The contract between TekTurkey and it’s customers are bound by agreements made directly, as per the terms of each project and is governed by courts of Istanbul where the company is based. By proceeding to accept our services, you agree not to apply to us any United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

Honest Performance

You and TekTurkey agree by default to perform in honesty in all matters and under all circumstances. Misleading information, lack of information or misuse of resources and data by all means shall be subject to legal criticism of the matter and applicable penalties.


Your method of regular communication and any communication number, email or address you provide for official use will become the official source of communication between you and TekTurkey. Any notices you receive through these addresses shall be considered received by you.

Payment terms

Payment Terms and Conditions for online marketing or related services. is an online marketing, website and mobile application development and graphic design company. The company is based in Istanbul but serves customers all over the globe. Majority of our projects are different in nature, price and therefore payment terms. Hence, it is essential to understand and acknowledge the payment terms that applies specific to a project and not to a customer. This is because each customer might have multiple projects with us, each project having it’s own payment terms.

If you have already started a project with us and you are looking for payment terms of your project, please get in touch with us so we can assist you better. 

For those who have purchased or are willing to purchase our products and services through our Online Shop, please read below general terms and conditions that will be applied to you.

  • All payments by default are paid 100% in advance.
  • For annual Contracts, payments are made 100% in advance, every three months.
  • For Hourly Contracts, payments are made 100% in advance for minimum of 200 hours each time. Balance hours can be used within 365 days from the date of purchase.
  • The delivery time for each project and service depends on the agreement made between and customer for that specific project.
  • Products or services which are pre-defined will have their own delivery timeframe. In case of not reaching the deadline, may provide a full refund to the customer.
  • In case of project and service delivery delays due to customer misinformation, lack or delay of information, will not be held responsible.
Please get in touch with us in cases of doubt or further enquiries.

Delivery and Return products and services are all virtual. All purchases or subject to general terms and conditions, and terms of use applicable to individual service. takes responsibility to deliver the purchased services at the given time to the best of it’s abilities. TekTurkey is not liable for failure of deliveries due to lack, misleading and incomplete information received from the customer, force-majeur and instances which are out of control of TekTurkey including extra time taken due to third-party providers.

In case of extended time or lack of delivery, each project will be taken on it’s own merits and circumstances of delay. In all conditions, no customer is allowed to hold payments of TekTurkey or vice versa in cases of delays which are clearly out of control of a party.