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E-commerce website, Online Payment and Cloud Hosting

Duration: 20 Days


Sell your product or services online and get payments instantly. Package also includes setting up of Online Payment and 1 year of our fastest and most secure Cloud Hosting.


The concept of the website is to allow you to upload all of your products and services including their pictures as gallery, descriptions and the option to choose a colour/feature by users. Package includes super fast and secure hosting for 1 year.

The checkout can be either in the form of Cash-on-Delivery or instant online payment via bank card.

The website will have all the standard features of an e-commerce website including online payment integration.

These include;
User Profile
Checkout option by Cash-on-Delivery
Product description
Product feature selection (colour, size, appointment time, semester selection etc)
Sales report
Multiple admin users
Easy to manage backend system
Delivery status


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