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Google Advertisement – Setup and maintenance

Duration: 3 Months


Setup Google ads and reach people on search results, youtube or Google’s wide network of advertising platforms.


In this package, we will setup 3 Google Ads campaign for your business. The campaigns will be discussed mutually and an extensive keyword research will be done before initiating the campaign. The Ads will be monitored on daily basis and new ads, if needed, will be created for better performance. Keywords and negative list will also be updated on regular basis as per Google Analytics data.

The goal will be to utilize the budget for maximum leads at the minimum spend.

Creatives such as YouTube video creation, Ads content writing etc are part of this package. After setup is complete, work can be revised mutually through online or physical meeting, then published.

This package is for those who can manage the ads by themselves and just need them to be setup professionally. If you are looking for us to cover all aspects of the Ads, then see Google Advertisement – Setup and Maintenance.


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