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Logo Design – Platinum Package

Duration: 14 Days


Up to 7 logo types based on yout suggestions. Further 5 revisions on you chosen concept.


You will get minimum 7 logo types based your ideas and then will get five further variations of your chosen logo. All your required materials will be designed to make you ready for starting your business or rebranding.

Brainstorming your business project and target market, we will design something that reflects the image of your business and is familiar to your target audience.

The core of this package is deep research and conceptualising of the brand.

Work includes;

Business cards

Letterheads Theme, colour and formatting

Multiple logo formats

Mockups to show how your brand will show on signboards, billboards and road signs

Letterhead for invoices, letters and receipts

Stationary such as pen, pouches, ID cards

Brochure and leaflet


Social Media headers and profile pics

Email signature.


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